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February 27, 2015 - Dota Team

The second batch of community-created hero sets for New Bloom has arrived on the Dota 2 Store. Be sure to check out the new Treasure of the Spring Blossom, as well as last week’s Treasure of the Ram’s Renewal, and get your hands on all the new gear.

If you don’t see your favorite New Bloom set in either treasure, don’t fret. The community created so many exceptional designs this year that there was no way we could get them all out in time for New Bloom’s end. We’ll be releasing many more sets submitted for New Bloom with future treasures.


February 12, 2015 - Dota Team

Destroy the enemy’s Ancient with the help of a Year Beast! Increase your pool of Ability Points and make ready. Beginning tomorrow, the Year Beast Brawl will be available during a 10 minute window a few random times each day. You’ll have an hour of warning ahead of time so you can gather your friends.
In the Brawl, players use their Ability Points to strengthen or command a Year Beast that will spawn for each team every five minutes. Remember to spend all your Ability Points–they are restored after every Brawl.
Win a Brawl, and you’ll earn item sets and other New Bloom prizes. Lose, and you’ll receive a handful of Ability Points to use in the next Brawl. The Year Beast Brawl eventends on March 2nd.

                                         THE CHILL OF NEW BLOOM

Winter Wyvern is coming to blanket the battlefield with her icy shadow, while Crystal Maiden prepares to show off her new Arcana, the Frost Avalanche, now available for preorder. Learn more about the New Bloom map, reworked item drop system, Item Recycling, and more in Part 3 of our New Bloom Festival update. 


As the Year Beast stalks toward the battlefield, trouble stirs in the frigid wastes. Stop byPart 2 of the New Bloom Festival update and get to know Crystal Maiden’s icy new neighbor.

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